Hard floor tool for Dyson V6, DC54, DC37 and more

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Hard floor tool for Dyson V6, DC54, DC37 and more Default Title Hard floor attachment for Dyson vacuum cleaners This quality product is an excellent alternative to the expensive original Dyson part.No Adapter is needed. Connects with your Dyson as is.Its soft brush allows you to clean any hard surfaces, even the most sensitive ones, without the worry of scratching them. Extra-wide cleaning path shortens the time spent cleaning! Suitable for many cordless and corded Dyson vacuum cleaner models: Fits the following cordless: All Dyson V6 (including Animal, Absolute, Slim, fluffy, trigger, motorhead, cord free etc) All Dyson DC16, DC30, DC31, DC34, DC35, All Dyson DC43H, DC44, DC45, DC58, DC59, DC61, DC62 And fits most of the corded Dysons: Dyson DC19T2 (Not suitable for Dyson DC19) Dyson DC22 Dyson DC23T2 (Not suitable for DC23 motorhead) Dyson DC28 and DC28C Dyson DC29 Dyson DC30 and DC30C Dyson DC32 Dyson DC33 and DC33C Dyson DC37 and DC37C Dyson DC38 Dyson DC39 and DC39C Dyson DC41 and DC41C Dyson DC47 Dyson DC52 Dyson DC54 Dyson DC78 Dyson CY18


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