Oval Shape Adapter (ZE050) to Suit Various Electrolux Models

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Oval Shape Adapter (ZE050) to Suit Various Electrolux Models Default Title Oval shape Electrolux vacuum cleaner adaptor Allows standard 32mm attachments to be used with your Twinclean, Oxygen+, UltraOne, UltraSilencer, Ultra Captic,  UltraActive or Oxy3Plus vacuum cleanersWith this adapter you do not need to buy the expensive and hard to get genuine Electrolux parts but you will be able to attach generic floor tools and accessories to your vacuum cleaner. High quality Hygieia brand spare part for Electrulux vacuum cleaners, for example : UltraActive UltraCaptic UltraOne UltraOne Mini UltraPerformer UltraSilencer UltraFlex Pure D9 Example of compatible compatible models: AEG: APOrigin AeroPerformer : APORIGIN UltraActive AUA 3820/UK, 3840T/TUK, 3860, AUAG 3800, 3801/UK UltraCaptic UCALLFLOOR, UCANIMAL, UCDELUXE, UCORIGIN UltraFlex AUFFLEXA, AUFFLEXAWR, UFANIMAL, UFORIGIN, UFPARKETT, UFPARKETTA, UFPARKETTO UltraOne AEL 8800.….8899, AEL 8817, AEL 8840, AEL 90, AESG 8800, AUO 8815..8870, AUO 8815, AUO 8820P, AUO 8840UK, AUO 8870, UOALLFLOOR, UODELUXE, UOECO, VOALLFLOOR, UOANIMAL, UOGREEN, UOORIGINWR, UOGREEN UltraPerformer AUP3820B/ RP; AUP3840C, AUP3860C, AUPG3801 Green, UPALLFLOOR. UPANIMAL, UPDELUXE. UPGREEN, UPORIGIN UltraOneMini UMORIGIN UltraSilencer AUS 3930, 3931G/R, 3965/P, 3966P, AUS 3930, AUS 3930UK, AUS 3931 CP, AUS 3931G, AUS 3931R, AUS 3931RUK, AUS 3931W, AUS 3965P, AUS 3965PUK, AUS 3966P, AUS 3966PUK, AUSG 3900, 3901, AUSG 3900, AUSG 3901, AUSG 3901UK, USGREEN   ELECTROLUX: UltraActive   EL 4300A, 4325A, 4327A, UPALLFLOOR, UPDELUXE, UPORIGIN, ZUA 3820…3860, ZUAG 3800, 3801/KR, ZUPG3801 UltraCaptic   ALL FLOOR, ANIMAL, DELUXE, ORIGIN, UCALLFLOOR, UCANI- MAL, UCDELUXE. UCORIGIN, ZUCALLELR. ZUCANIMAL, ZUCDELUXE UltraFlex   UFANIMAL, UFFLEX. UFFLEXA, UFORIGIN. UFPARKETTA, UFPARKETTO UltraOne   UOALLFLOOR, UOANIMAL, UODELUXE, UOALLFLOOR, UOANIMAL, UODE- LUXE, UOGREEN, UOORIGINDB, UOORIGIN WR, UOORIGINPB, UOORIGINWR, UOPOWER, UOUO- ECO, UOGREEN, UOPOWER, Z 8800…8899, Z 90, Z 8824 CSP, Z 8825 P, Z 8830 PSK, Z 8830, Z 8830PT, Z 8830T, Z 8840, Z 8850, Z 8850CP, Z 8860, Z 8860T, Z 8870. Z 8870T. Z 90. G 8800. ZUOALLELR ZUOANIMAL, ZUODELUXE, ZUOECO+, ZUOERGO, ZUOGREEN, ZUOORIGINB, ZUOORIGINR. ZUOPOWER, ZUOQUATTRO UltraPerformer   UPALL- FLOOR, UPANIMAL, UPDELUXE, UPGREEN, UPORIGIN, ZUP 3820..3899 UltraSilencer EL 7060A, 7061A/B, 7066A, USGREEN, ZCS2000EL, ZCS2100BEL, ZCS2100WEL, ZCS2220BEL, ZCS2240VEL, ZCS2260CEL, ZCS2520B, ZCS2540CS, ZCS2560C zUs 3920…3990, ZUS3955TS, ZUSALLERGY, ZUSALLFLR, ZUSANIMAL, ZUSDELUX6I, ZUSDE- LUXE, ZUSENERGY, ZUSG 3900. 3990, ZUSGREEN, ZUSORIGINB, ZUSORIGINR, ZUSORIGINT, Other Compatible models: ZUO9923PT 900273823 900273625 ZUF4207ACT 900273934 ZUOG9928PT 900273863 ZUS4065OR 900273624 ZUO9925P 900273825 ZUS4065PET 900273631 ZUC4102PET 90315211501 ZUP3822P 903152211 903152115 ZUC4102ANC 90315212700 ZUC4103DEL 903152110 ZUPG3802 903152214 ZUA3831PT 903151353 90315135300 ZUP3832PT 903152212


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