Traderight Water Pump Controller Auto Switch Pressure Electronic Control

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Traderight Water Pump Controller Auto Switch Pressure Electronic Control Default Title DESCRIPTION Keep a warm and consistent flow  of water as you shower. Install your automatic pump controller. Now your rainwater tank turns from a source of pain to an area of joy. Turn your automatic water pump controller  on and forget it exists. No more manually turning on the pump when you need it. Your water will always come out at the pressure you set. Set the water pressure to what you like on your water pump controller. All the way from 1.2 bar up to 3.0 bar . Different people have different needs so select what works with your plumbing. Control your water pump  for your garden from your well when farming or for your home. If you need water to flow your automatic pump controller will be your new friend. It will even turn off if the water source run dries. Your automatic pump controller is compatible  with self-priming pumps jet pumps centrifugal pumps garden pumps and other water supply systems. If you can fit it and supply power then you will be happy. Key Features Automatic control for most low-power water pumps Adjustable pressure Integrated pressure chamber Electronic relay control Save space with no need for a pressure tank Rust resistant and durable SAA CE TUV certified SPECIFICATION Product type: Pump Controller Input voltage: 220-240V-50/60Hz Max current: 10A Max pressure: 10bar Max power: 1.1kW Product Size: 23cm x 15cm x 13cm Cable length: 140cm CoPACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Pump controller 1 x Instruction manual


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